Renovation and revitalization is a natural and ongoing cycle for owner and developers but often comes with additional challenges – beyond simply time and cost – that demands the most experienced and innovative partners.

Enter Onyx Mechanical.

Renovation and refurbishment provides the opportunity for properties to evolve and property owners to prosper. It’s a reality and and often planned on-going cost of ownership that owners can usually anticipate and plan for but – as with many things – there can be unknowns that require the ability to (quickly) adapt. It not just the ability to work in high-density areas or occupied spaces that makes renovation/refurbishment a special type of work – it is often unknowns.

In short, this type of work is special – and requires a special type of sub-trade partner. A partner with the kind of expertise that we possess and build upon; every time and everyday. With over 100 year of founder experience and 400 projects and counting – Onyx Mechanical Ltd has built a unique business model that allows us to say to the client “when you come to us, we stand with you.” – Just ask around.

We love talking about our work, the problems that we have solved and the results that we have delivered, so please contact us to start a conversation about current or completed projects.

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