The pillars of our business…the foundation of our success.

We all know hard work, experience, and passion are foundational when it comes to building a strong, vibrant business. But there are other pillars that Onyx embraces to elevate our people, our work and, ultimately our success.

Together, these six pillars represent a combination of our beliefs, values, principles and best practices, and guide the work that we do every time and every day.

We believe in old-fashioned values such as honesty, integrity, and sincerity; our handshake is our word.

Clear, honest, and open communication is essential to achieving goals set out not only by clients but also among our skilled team members.

We are constantly innovating at Onyx and developing new solutions for a myriad of challenges, making curiosity a valuable asset in the planning of our mechanical installations and Design Assist specialties.

Acknowledging achievements, innovative thinking, and the good work of our people is a powerful motivator and has a unifying effect.

We stand firmly behind our work and don’t shirk from our responsibilities and commitments to clients.

Relating to people on a human level in all our interactions increases the understanding that’s essential to clear communication and successful outcomes. Empathy can enrich and empower you and your team, spurring innovation and dedication.

These Key Pillars form the foundation of our business model at Onyx Mechanical and are something that we are proud to “live”….Every time. Every day.

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For over seven years, Onyx Mechanical has reliably provided outstanding support and superb mechanical services.

We are very happy with Onyx Mechanical as a mechanical development partner and would be pleased to recommend them to our peers in the construction business.

Annie Boddy
President, ACME Construction