New Construction

New Construction

New construction is an exciting opportunity for all stakeholders to be a part of great change and creating new opportunity but given the scope, scale and schedule requires experts and innovators in making all come together.

Enter Onyx Mechanical.

New construction always brings new challenges and is something that excites our team. It is not just the chance contribute to working within building that will change a skyline or a community but how it will contribute to shaping the future and the futures of those will occupy it. At Onyx we have been a part of new construction for some of the most notable and innovative buildings across the GTA and have been proud to be a part of the team that created such successful and enduring outcomes.

But being successful requires stakeholder expertise – the kind of expertise that we possess and build upon; every time and everyday. With over 100 year of founder experience and 400 projects and counting – Onyx Mechanical Ltd has built a unique business model that allows us to say to the client “when you come to us, we stand with you.” – Just ask around.

We love talking about our work, the problems that we have solved and the results that we have delivered, so please contact us to start a conversation about current or completed projects.

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