Prefabrication is all about bridging the gap between the disciplines of design, manufacturing and construction to provide better, more efficient outcomes.

Enter Onyx Mechanical.

Prefabrication and modular construction have emerged as important aspects of commercial construction within the ICI sector. It requires not just expertise but exacting – or rather – ‘flawless’ execution. Prefabrication is only efficient if it is done this way with the potential for the time and cost impact of errors of deficiencies to be nothing short of exponential.

In a word, it requires expertise – the kind of expertise that we possess and build upon; every time and everyday. With over 100 year of founder experience and 400 projects and counting – Onyx Mechanical Ltd has built a unique business model that allows us to say to the client “when you come to us, we stand with you.”. And never is this more true and evidenced by our extensive work in mechanical pre-fabrication across a number of noteworthy projects – just ask around.

We love talking about our work, the problems that we have solved and the results that we have delivered, so please contact us to start a conversation about current or completed projects.

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