Design Assist

Design Assist

At its simplest, Design Assist is collaboration between the design and construction teams at a point in the project where it provides the most financial benefit to the owner.

Enter Onyx Mechanical.

While ‘Design Assist’ has existed for years as a widely used approach, it has often contained an inherent flaw in the traditional practice – the design team worked for the contractor and not the owner, thereby removing any responsibility to the owner to ensure they receive the best design. While those responsible for design are governed by professional standards, these standards only relate to how they perform and not what they deliver. If the owner has no direct contract with the design team then the design team has no direct deliverable to the owner.

This is a problem that, only in recent years and through very select vendors, design assist as a practice area has evolved to correct and is what we deliver through our proprietary Dynamic Design Assist™ Services that takes advantage of maintaining the direct relationship to the owner and design team while realizing tangible advantages of having trade contractors involved at such an early stage.

There’s a lot more to the story, so please download our whitepaper to learn more.