About Company

Onyx Mechanical Ltd, a mechanical contracting company operating in the GTA region of Ontario, provides mechanical construction services for the ICI sector of Southern Ontario. In the ever changing construction industry, Onyx Mechanical fills a key role, providing a wealth of experience and skills to tackle technologically complex small and mid size projects within difficult time constraints.  

Onyx Mechanical recognized that the current direction of the industry no longer benefitted the client; to address this the company was founded upon the following principals:

  • Communication

  • Cooperation

  • Teamwork

Quantity is no longer the primary goal of today’s construction projects, yet quality once again has become the top consideration as society demands both corporate and environmental responsibility of those charged with building the infrastructure of the future. By entering at such a crucial crossroad, Onyx Mechanical stands apart from its competition and stands ready to join the best teams in the industry to build a legacy we can all be proud of.